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Well-being at Work - Stress Buster Reflexology

Therese Moylan


Reflexology is an ancient, holistic therapy. It is the study and practise of working reflex points on the feet. There are nerve endings from all parts of the body in the feet so by working on them you work on the whole person. It has many benefits which include relaxation and stress reduction and it encourages the body to address any imbalance that it may have.

A “stress busting” reflexology session will be delivered over 30 minutes. It would be preferable to have a room assigned for the session in the work setting. The client will sit in a reclining chair or lie on a table. As it involves working on the feet footwear is the only clothing removed.

Who will benefit



Up to five sessions can be delivered over a half-day onsite.

Therese Moylan

Therese Moylan qualified as a reflexologist in 1999. She is a qualified general nurse and has a wide variety of specialist experience, including oncology, rheumatology, renal medicine and theatre. She is a mother of five. As natural stress busting she enjoys all round sea swimming, rowing and being outside.

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For more information on the Stress Buster Reflexology contact Therese on 087 918 7885


"Excellent course on Safety Reps. Good balance across broad range of subject matter. Sufficiently in depth., provides good understanding of safety rep role and how to get the most from it. "
Avicen Fahey HR Administrator, Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd

"The trainer, Mary Murphy demonstrated complete knowledge of the subject matter and answered all questions fully. Quite refreshing."
Eoghan Kenny, Quality Manager. KPW