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Noise Surveys

The objective of the survey is to achieve compliance with the requirements for noise assessment outlined SHWW (GA); Regs 2007, Part 5, Control of Noise At Work.

  • All noise equipment used during the survey will have current calibration certificates.
  • Both area measurements and personal dosimetry measurements will be carried out.
  • The results of the noise survey will be used to group workers into two populations:
    1. employees likely to have daily noise exposure levels (L EX, 8hr s) 80-85 dBA;
    2. employees likely to have daily noise exposure levels (L EX, 8hr s) greater that 85 dBA;
  • Activities and equipment resulting in the highest noise exposures will be identified during the survey.
  • The adequacy of any hearing protection in use will be assessed.
  • Compliance with the requirement to provide employees with information, instruction and training on the hazard and its controls will be assessed.
  • A comprehensive report will be compiled outlining areas where action needs to be taken to ensure compliance with the Noise Regulations and including recommendations on ways of reducing noise exposures.
Please Email Mary Murphy for details on cost of noise surveys and noise management.

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