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Testimonials from this course

"This course met everything it said it would. I found it highly informative and engaging. Mary was excellent as a tutor. Many thanks Mary." Richard Hynes 15/10/18
"Mary and Ann really know what they are talking about, really knowledgeable and competent, hugely helpful." Mary Jo Marley 15/10/18,
"The course was very good and enjoyable." SMcD 15/10/18
"Friendly environment, everyone was given time to speak and their input was valued." AM 15/10/18
"Very clear and concisely presented with excellent practicality in the applications in the workplace." Marie, Wood Group. 25/4/17
"If you have to manually lift in your job then you will benefit both at work and at home by doing it" Y.D. 25/4/17

For Manual Handling INSTRUCTOR Training...see details here

Manual Handling Training can be run on site for clients.

The tutor, Mary Murphy, is a QQI certified Manual Handling Instructor with over 15 years experience instructing in the area of workplace health and safety.

OHSS QA Procedures have been approved by QQI and the following OHSS programmes have been validated: Manual Handling Instructor and Heath and Safety Representation. OHSS is a QQI Registered Training Centre.

Manual Handling Training Course ....Half Day

For employees required to handle hazardous loads in the course of their employment.


The objective of the course is to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle hazardous loads in a safe manner.

Course Content

  • Information on the law
  • Anatomy and biomechanics of spine, injuries
  • Guidance on fitness for task, exercises
  • Specific hazards identified in safety statement, recognising hazardous loads
  • Organisational solutions, mechanical solutions
  • Good handling techniques
  • Procedures for dealing with unfamiliar loads
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear - PPE
  • Maintenance of workplace in a safe condition

How you will learn

The emphasis throughout is on a practical approach with detailed presentations and demonstrations followed by individual exercises.

Upcoming Course Dates:

Manual Handling 1/2 day Training
Contact OHSS for details on in-house training programmes
Contact: MARY MURPHY 091-441637 or info@ohssireland.com

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"Excellent course on Safety Reps. Good balance across broad range of subject matter. Sufficiently in depth., provides good understanding of safety rep role and how to get the most from it. "
Avicen Fahey HR Administrator, Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd

"The trainer, Mary Murphy demonstrated complete knowledge of the subject matter and answered all questions fully. Quite refreshing."
Eoghan Kenny, Quality Manager. KPW